The management of  ELECTROCONSTRUCTIA ELCO S.A. Company has established and ensured the necessary resources   to implement the policy and accomplish the given objectives in its Short and medium term development strategy.

These resources include:

  • Qualified personnel for managing the processes and developing activities within the company;
  • Working environment, health and security conditions adequate for the nature of on-going activities;
  • Infrastructure, equipments, measurements, machineries, devices necessary for developing processes and complying with the environmental conditions, as well as the health and security in work conditions.

The infrastructure necessary to comply with the product’s / service’s requirements in ELECTROCONSTRUCTIA ELCO S.A. Botosani includes:

  • Building, working space and associated utilities;
  • Buildings and endowments for up-keeping and repairs;
  • Equipments for production and developing processes;
  • Comunication and IT systems;
  • Means of transport;
  • Lifting equipment;
  • Measuring devices;
  • Production and work equipment;
  • Installations for ensuring utilities: water, electricity, fuels.

All infrastructure elements and especially equipments and installations are subject to planned maintenance operations to ensure their working in the best conditions.


Qualified personnel inside the organization  followed specialized courses,  organized by the authorised parties, ended with exams,  testings  and check-ups  resulting certification  of practice.

The Organization has obtained and updated any given time according to the legislation, every authorization for functioning in the right legal demands.

  • Operating permit No. 1233/30.01.2008.
  • Environmental Authorization  No. 102/14.07.2008
  • ISCIR Authorization supervision and technical inspection of facilities . SV/013/19.03.2002